Don’t Build An Email List If You Don’t Have This

Aside from traffic, the next best thing you need as a serial entrepreneur is “Email List”, and “Good email content”.

Well written emails will keep your subscribers and make them buy from you repeatedly,

But bad emails will make them unsubscribe and even go as far as reporting you as SPAM

Now, how do you feel when you must have suffered so much to build a list but lose them, owing to the fact that your email content sucks?

Let me be sincere with you…

As an internet marketer, I’ve made so much from my list than I’ve made from any other means of selling online. And I give all the credit to the type of email I send to my subscribers.

My question now is:

  • How do you write your emails?
  • Does it get you the kind of results you desire?
  • Do you think you’re actually sending the right email content to your subscribers?
  • Do you spend so much to hire copywriters who do not understand your business goal to write email content for you?

And Finally,

  • Do you need help with regards to writing any type of email to sell any type of product or service just by answering a few questions about your product and services?

If yes then this post is going to be one of the best blog posts you’re going to read about email writing.

Let me get straight to the point with this one question…

Why do people open emails?

It’s because, they assume that you have something that’ll be of a very good benefit to them.

It’s as simple as that

However, when they finally open and see that you’re not talking about something that could be of high benefit to them, they’ll be disappointed and most likely unsubscribe.

Email writing is not something that any serious entrepreneur should take for granted, that’s why some people pay anyway between $50-$250 or more to get emails written for them.

The question is, can you actually afford to pay for that amount to get your emails written for you each time you need an email?

And if you can, how long will you keep paying such amount to get your emails written for you? Days? weeks? months? or Years?

The truth is, it will cost you a whole lot especially when your business is still at that stage where you’ll need to be minimizing your cost of spending.

Must you have to spend $50-$250 to get your emails written?

If you have extra bucks, you can.

But if you don’t have such money to keep spending, then you either write it yourself or you use An advanced Ai Powered Email writing tool like EmailCopy Dyno to write any type of email for any type of niche you can ever think of

Bad emails have spoilt so many businesses.

For instance, a subscriber once messaged me how he got his online business ruined after losing 1.2k subscribers in 2 months because his email contents suck.

That sounded so impossible but I had to believe when he went further to prove it by showing some of the negative replies he got from his subscribers.

After Teaching him all I knew about successful email marketing as explained in one of my blog posts, I recommended a tool that changed his entire email marketing as far as email copywriting is concerned.

And that’s exactly what I’m about to do now.

I’m about to show you an advanced Artificial Intelligence-Powered Email Writing Software that enables anybody to write any type of email across every niche.

This software I’m talking about is the upgraded version of the one I had recommended to my subscriber who lost 1.2k subscribers in 2 months because of bad content.

The first version has about 999+ plus email templates that you can swipe and use, but it’s limited to just 12 niches.

However, the new one that I’m about to introduce can help you write any type of email across any niche by just filling in a few questions about your products and services.

In fact, I’ll have to make a proper introduction to it


So, What is Email CopyDyno all about?

Email CopyDyno is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Copywriting software that helps you write emails that bring massive Open Rate, Clicks, and Sales.

The best part of it is that it saves time and marketing cost,

You won’t have to keep cracking your head anymore just to write emails that won’t get your subscribers annoyed,

No need to pay $50 – $250 to freelancers anymore to get your emails written… Neither will you write them yourself again no matter your type of niche. Email CopyDyno will just write, you’ll send and then start instant results.

Plus it brings quick and on-demand sales whenever you want. Just answer the right questions about your products or services and it’ll write the right email. That’s all

And if you’re a freelancer or you provide email copywriting services to clients, you don’t need to start thinking of what to write anymore.

All you need to do is…

  • Provide the questions in the CopyDyno app to your clients in as a requirement for writing their copy …
  • Get the answers from them
  • Fill in those answers you got from them in the Email CopyDyno app
  • Wait for 3 seconds for your email to be written.
  • Copy your written emails and send to them so you could get paid.
  • They’ll be happy and they’ll come back again.

In fact, I think you should watch the Demo below to see what I’m talking about


Email CopyDyno Demo

If you sell anything online (whether your own product/service or as an affiliate), you sure know that email marketing is the best form of marketing for you

With Email CopyDyno, all you need to do is answer a few questions about your product or service.

This should ordinarily take you less than 3 minutes if you know your product/service well (and we’re sure you do).

Once you are done answering those simple questions, the software will write the emails for you in approximately 5 seconds.

It’s as simple as that.

Here Are The Different Email Types You Can Write With This Software

  • Product Launch Emails: Have a new product or service you want to launch? Don’t worry, Email CopyDyno will write a powerful email sequence that will help you sell it like hotcakes.
  • List Nurturing Emails: Just got a new subscriber or lead? Email CopyDyno will help you write subscriber bonding emails that will make the new lead love you and trust you enough as to buy whatever you are promoting in the end.
  • Affiliate Marketing Emails: Want to promote other people’s products through emails? Then watch as Email CopyDyno creates sales-pumping emails for you in 5 minutes…no brain-racking.

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  • Webinar Emails: Do you run your own webinar or you promote other people’s webinar? No problem. Email CopyDyno will create powerful email sequence for you…emails that will make your subscribers sign up in droves for the webinar.
  • Cart Abandonment Emails: If you are into eCommerce, cart abandons will be one of your biggest headaches. But with Email CopyDyno, you can create powerful emails that will help you recover more than 40% of your cart abandons…sweet, right?
  • Re-engagement Emails: Are your subscribers no longer opening your emails? Don’t worry. Use Email CopyDyno to create a re-engagement email sequence that will get them back to opening and reading your emails.



  • Discount & Time-Limited Offers: Running discount offers for your subscribers? Just tell Email CopyDyno about it, and it will write super-powerful emails that will have your subscribers tripping over themselves to grab the offer.
  • JV Recruitment Emails: Launching a new product and need the help of affiliates to promote it? Email CopyDyno can create emails that will build interest in your product, and most importantly, have affiliates promoting the product for you.
  • B2B Cold Emails: Are you targeting other businesses for your products or services? You are covered. Email CopyDyno will create very powerful cold emails that will get these businesses to open, read and give you attention, even if they are C-Level Executives

Here’s A Demo On How This App Works


What is the benefit of getting founders access to Email CopyDyno?

I’ll tell you.

Email CopyDyno is to be sold at $97 and then a monthly recurring of $47 when it will go live officially.

But when you get access to it today, you’ll get it for just $39

This offer is limited between now till when it’ll officially go live.

Getting it now at the price of $39 is like a still, considering the value that it’ll deliver to your email marketing business.

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That’s not all…



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